Crypto Valley, Switzerland – Partnership enables projects in BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION’s accelerator program to execute asset tokenization projects worldwide and raise capital through TOKEN FACTORY’s Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS).

BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, a global accelerator program designed to build blockchain start-ups and enterprises into successful businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with TOKEN FACTORY, the blockchain technology enabler behind the successful real-estate tokenization platform blockimmo and the pioneers innovating with STX.SWISS — the first decentralized security token exchange.

Headquartered in Crypto Valley, both companies will collaborate to enable projects enrolled in the BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION accelerator program to tokenize all types of tangible assets on TOKEN FACTORY’s state-of-the-art and battle-tested technology stack. This enables the tokenization of assets in the primary market and subsequent trading of these tokenized assets in the secondary market in a fully regulatory compliant manner.

Stefan Deiss, CEO and Founder of BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, said, “Asset tokenization is fundamentally changing the way we invest in illiquid assets today, disrupting many industries and enabling the fractional ownership of real-estate and other assets through the issuance of Security Token Offering (STO). Through this strategic partnership with TOKEN FACTORY, our projects can now tokenize assets and benefit from this new financing and investment approach globally.”

TOKEN FACTORY’s Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution is built on the public Ethereum Blockchain using the existing standards. Earlier this year, the blockimmo platform was used for Switzerland’s first ever property tokenization and transaction, which is the same solution applied for the tokenization of 20% of blockimmo’s private equity, with its own security tokens (‘IMMO’) now trading with liquidity on the decentralized security token exchange of STX.SWISS.

Bastiaan Don, Founder & CEO of TOKEN FACTORY, said, “Our proven asset tokenization and trading solution is fully operational and ready to be applied to projects and assets worldwide. Our strategic partnership with BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION will enable our shared project base to benefit and raise capital from our Tokenization-as-a-Service (TaaS), ready to execute today.”

Bastiaan has also joined the BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION entrepreneur team as Partner, which already consists of an international group of high-calibre blockchain entrepreneurs and Founding Partners, such as Vaibhav Kadikar (Founder & CEO of CloseCross), Rodrigo Ventura (Founder & CEO of 88 InsurTech), Paweł Rogowicz (Co-Founder & CEO of Espeo Blockchain), Mohammed Al-Rashidi (Founder & Chairman of One Global), Dr. Karin Lorez (Founder & CEO of Lorez Legal), and Evandro Camilo (Founder & CEO of C²LAW).

To further complement and strengthen this strategic partnership, both companies will soon open the largest workspace facility in the Canton of Zug (“Propulsion Token Factory”), with up to 250 workspaces available for startups and enterprises to tokenize their assets and work on the next-generation of blockchain-powered solutions. Workspaces will be offered at affordable rates starting from CHF 385 per month, with tenants actively operating on-site and building substance.

Deiss concluded, “As blockchain entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges our peers face when trying to find the right and affordable workspaces to launch their projects. We are committed to facilitate an entrepreneurial environment in which our blockchain projects can thrive, share best practices, and cross-pollinate across multiple industry verticals as well as tokenize various assets, such as equity, real-estate, sports, art, to name a few. In this context, we are delighted to have Bastiaan onboard our spaceship. Further discussions of our collaboration and exciting news about several projects already benefiting from our global partnership will be announced in due course.”



Founded in 2018, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is a Swiss-based global accelerator program headquartered in Crypto Valley with Propulsion Hubs in Switzerland, Brazil, UAE, India, and China. Built by an international team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs and practitioners, the program offers a true end-to-end service encompassing strategy, business model design, tokenomics, technology, legal and regulatory, marketing, security, asset tokenization, fundraising and affordable workspaces. The accelerator program is backed by Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Cantons of Zug and Uri, Greater Zurich Area, swissnex India, and Crypto Valley Association.


TOKEN FACTORY is a blockchain-powered startup on the verge of becoming the go-to provider for asset tokenization. With its fully regulatory compliant tokenization solution enabling fractional investment and ownership, all assets are officially and legally represented as security tokens on the public Ethereum blockchain. TOKEN FACTORY partners with financial institutions and other organizations worldwide to enable and grow a cross-border market. Operating out of the Crypto Valley, TOKEN FACTORY is focused on bringing asset tokenization to the masses, ultimately creating a global asset marketplace that is far more efficient than any traditional market today.

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