Blockchain Entrepreneurs Launch Global Blockchain Accelerator Program

An international team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs has joined forces to launch Blockchain Propulsion – a global accelerator program headquartered in Crypto Valley with ‘Propulsion Hubs’ in Switzerland, Brazil, UAE, India, and China. Further hubs planned this year in United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

Stefan Deiss, Founder and CEO of Blockchain Propulsion, said, “Today, many blockchain projects are not only struggling to raise capital but are often bogged down by challenges beyond their core competencies and mission, such as navigating complex regulatory hurdles. In addition, many projects are often too tech-heavy and miss the important strategy, business, marketing, and financial acumen. Our team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs and practitioners now offer specialist expertise to assist start-ups and enterprises to develop successful blockchain-powered businesses and raise capital through STOs, traditional VC rounds, and private equity placement.”

Projects selected for the program receive subject matter expertise on strategy, business model design, tokenomics, technology, legal and regulatory, marketing, security, asset tokenization, and fundraising, including affordable workspaces in all Propulsion Hubs. To deliver this true end-to-end service offering, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION has established strategic partnerships with leading specialist firms, including Espeo Blockchain, ChainSecurity, blockimmo, STX.SWISS, C2LAW, and THE RELEVANCE HOUSE.

Pawel Rogowicz, CEO of Espeo Blockchain, said, “We are strong believers in a future based on blockchain technology. It’s thanks to great initiatives like Blockchain Propulsion that we’re able to build such a future by enabling innovative startups and enterprises to realize their ideas.”

To qualify for the program, projects are required to meet high standards across a variety of criteria, including business idea; high disintermediation; network effects; team and talent; environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact; initial funding; legal and risk assessment. Projects already onboarded in BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION’s global accelerator program include 88 InsurTech, OriginalMy, and Polo Multimodal Pecém – The Smart Chain City.

Rodrigo Ventura, Founder & CEO of 88 InsurTech said, “Through BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION’s entrepreneur-based program and strong partner ecosystem, 88i benefits from niche expertise for its FinTech License application in Switzerland and access to the Propulsion Hubs worldwide.”

Blockchain Propulsion is led by a group of blockchain entrepreneurs who understand the challenges that enterprises faces in adoption of blockchain technology, that start-ups encounter when boot-strapping on their ventures, and investors seeking to enter the blockchain space. The accelerator program is backed by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), Canton of Zug, Canton of Uri, Greater Zurich Area (GZA), swissnex India, and the Crypto Valley Association (CVA).

Roman Weiss, Economic Promotion for Canton of Zug, said, “The Economic Promotion of the Canton Zug is very happy to welcome BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION to Zug. The company is a valuable addition to the vibrant blockchain ecosystem in Zug and Crypto Valley as a whole.”

Stefan Büeler, Head of Business Promotion for Canton Uri adds: “BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION not only brings additional expertise to our local start-up community, but also enables international projects to benefit from an idyllic alpine setting with the highest disposable income in Switzerland.

Deiss concluded, “BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is defined by a culture based on inclusiveness and value co-creation, offering equitable access to resources, opportunities, and networks to fuel the global progression and adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). Our growing portfolio of innovative and disruptive blockchain projects will offer private investors and hedge funds access to high-growth potential and great early-stage investment opportunities.”

For more information about Blockchain Propulsion’s global accelerator program, aspiring start-ups and enterprises can visit www.bpropulsion.com or apply at launch@bpropulsion.com.

About Blockchain Propulsion AG

Founded in 2018, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is a Swiss-based global accelerator program headquartered in Zug (Crypto Valley) with Propulsion Hubs in Switzerland, Brazil, UAE, India, and China. Established by an international team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs, the program offers a true end-to-end service with emphasis placed on strategy, design, tokenomics, technology, legal & regulatory, marketing, security, asset tokenization, fundraising, and affordable workspaces. The accelerator program is backed by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), Canton of Zug, Canton of Uri, Greater Zurich Area, swissnex India, and the Crypto Valley Association.

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