WEF, Davos: BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION as part of a Swiss Consortium introduce the world’s first Techno-Legal Framework for Decentralized Organizations.

The initiative is supported by the Department of Economic Affairs of the Canton of Schwyz.

DAC is acronym for “Decentralized Automated Corporation”

Corporations, startups and investors struggle with existing legislation in order to be compliant with local laws and regulations. This is the major missing link of Blockchain/DLT adoption today!

The consortium has designed and developed one of the world’s first Techno-Legal Frameworks, pioneering and spearheading “Decentralized Law” to enable new organizational models and the creation of a new digital asset class through the tokenization of revenue.

This groundbreaking DAC techno-legal framework provides legal enforceability which is an important step towards acceptance of P2P-technology.


11:00 Welcome by CHRISTIN TOPP, Founder & CEO AICORIS, who will moderate the event.

The new DAC techno-legal framework by DANIEL TOPP, Co-Founder & COO AICORIS

The tech stack for the DAC by TAULANT RAMABAJA, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist BITSAPPHIRE

The business model by ROBERT ZAPFEL, Chief Strategy Officer AICORIS

Revenue tokenization and its impact on STOs by STEFAN DEISS, Founder & CEO BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION

14:00 End of the event

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