Digital Asset Platform

The BPRO Digital Assets Platform™ is a plug & play software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution hosted in tier IV triple georedundant Data Centres in Switzerland. This state-of-the-art and Swiss banking-grade tech stack is blockchain-agnostic and can be seamlessly integrated into any core banking system worldwide.

Digital Asset Issuance

We structure and facilitate the legal and regulatory compliant issuance of secure Digital Assets through the tokenization of financial instruments (e.g. Equity, Funds, etc.) as well as other assets (e.g. Real Estate, Art, Sports, etc.) enabling projects around the world to raise capital from traditional & crypto investors.

Digital Asset Academy

We calibrate the right 'mindset' for business leaders to prepare their organisations for the paradigm shift towards blockchain business models in the new era of Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), enabling them to adapt and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the new Token Economy.



Stefan Deiss, MBA

Founder & CEO with over 20-years IT experience. Digital strategist and IBM Certified in Blockchain (Hyperledger).

Vaibhav Kadikar, MBA

Co-Founder & Board Member. Expert in Corporate Finance. Founder & CEO of CloseCross - financial derivatives.

Rodrigo Ventura, MBA

Board Member, Founder & CEO of 88i with 20-years expertise in Insurance industry. Corda Certified Developer.

Mohammed Al-Rashidi, MSc

Board Member, Founder & Chairman of Og, MSc in Computer Engineering and WBAF High Commissioner.

Paweł Rogowicz, MSc

Board Member, Co-Founder & CEO of Espeo Blockchain, tech entrepreneur with MSc in Computer Science.

Sothy Kol-Men, PhD

PhD in Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), expertise in fund structuring, and KYC/AML Compliance Officer.

Jeff Schiemann, CISSP

Chief Security Officer, Cryptography expert, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Austin Root, BA

Former VP at Merrill Lynch with over 15-year experience in global financial markets and in investment banking.

Christin Topp

Dipl.-Psych. and serial entrepreneur, expertise in advertising, media, and ICOs. Founder & CEO of AICORIS.

Daniel Topp

Visionary strategist and economist with over 20 years of experience as ecopreneur. Co-Founder of AICORIS.

Evandro Camilo, LLM

Founder of C²LAW with expertise in FinTech/RegTech/InsurTech, Certified Chainalysis Crypto Forensics Partner.







Blockchain Propulsion AG signs contract with "The Thorium Network" project!

Crypto Valley, Switzerland. BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION® has signed an agreement with "The Thorium Network" to establish a regulated tokenized EUR 1 Billion Thorium Fund in the Principality of Liechtenstein, leveraging its secure state-of-the-art Swiss Banking-grade BPRO [...]


Blockchain Propulsion AG shortlisted as "Investment Case" by DIFC FinTech Fund!

Crypto Valley, Switzerland. We are pleased to announce that BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION® has been shortlisted as one of the "Investment Cases" within the DIFC FinTech Fund! The USD 100 million FinTech Fund assists promising startups raise [...]


Swiss Blockchain Academy launches «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation»

Canton Schwyz, Switzerland – Swiss Blockchain Academy (a subsidiary of Blockchain Propulsion AG) has officially launched its first-of-a-kind cantonal initiative called «SchwyzTech – Blockchain Innovation», an initiative co-funded with the Office for Economy Canton Schwyz [...]

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