Business Model

We design platform-based business models, tokenomic structures, incentive mechanisms, business strategy, business case modelling, professional whitepapers and pitch decks.

Legal & Regulatory

We assist blockchain startups and enterprises in all legal, taxation, and regulatory matters, domicile in crypto-friendly jurisdictions, license applications, and filing intellectual property and trademarks.

Blockchain Development

We design and develop quality blockchain-powered solutions throughout all development stages, smart contract coding, decentralised applications (dApps), and professional website design and development.

Blockchain Security

We perform thorough smart contract auditing using next-generation blockchain security tools based on state-of-the-art systems that identify vulnerabilities and certify functional integrity of smart contracts.

Brand & Marketing

We design your brand and articulate storylines that have relevance, backed by an effective marketing & communications campaign. We create handbooks that define the critical narrative of complex projects.

Investor Outreach

We introduce your blockchain project to our global network of investors and hedge funds, enabling you to raise capital needed for further development and internationalisation of your project and operations.

Asset Tokenisation

We offer a blockchain-powered Asset Tokenisation Platform for tokenisation of real-estate and various other tangible assets, including a white-labelling solution under your own company brand.

STO Launchpad

We launch your Security Token Offering (STO) via a state-of-the-art and fully regulatory compliant STO Launchpad, with KYC/AML onboarding. Integrated. Efficient. Paperless. Launch your STO with us now!

Security Exchange

We enable the listing and trading of Security Tokens on a fully compliant and completely “Decentralised Security Tokens Exchange”, bringing liquidity to your tokenised assets and wider Security Tokens market.

Propulsion Hubs



Stefan Deiss, MBA

Blockchain entrepreneur (OXÏ-ZEN), founder BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION with over 18-years IT expertise. IBM certified in Blockchain (Hyperledger).

Rodrigo Ventura, MBA

Blockchain entrepreneur (88i), former KPMG partner with over 20-years of experience in the insurance industry, and corporate M&A professional.

Mohammed Al-Rashidi, MSc

Blockchain entrepreneur, Founder & Exec Chairman of One Global. High Commissioner for Kuwait at World Business Angels Investment Forum.

Bastiaan Don, BA

Blockchain entrepreneur (Founder & CEO of blockimmo / STX.SWISS) and investor with 15+ years experience in IT and Real Estate sectors.

Karin Lorez, PhD

Legal expert in FinTech, blockchain, legal and regulatory, digital finance, crypto asset management, banking industry. PhD Financial Market Law.

German Ramirez, BBA

Blockchain entrepreneur (SwissMine), crypto mining pioneer, co-founder of THE RELEVANCE HOUSE – expert in blockchain/crypto & STO marketing.

Paweł Rogowicz, MSc

Blockchain entrepreneur (Co-Founder & CEO of Espeo Blockchain), leader in software design and development of blockchain-powered solutions.

Marcin Zduniak, MSc

Blockchain software developer since 2014, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Smart Contracts, and Senior Software Engineer.

Jeff Schiemann, LLB

Risk & Security Officer with 20 years in CyberDefence and Cryptography space. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

David Halahan, BA

Experienced commercial contracting practitioner, certified expert in GDPR and data privacy, including software license agreements and IP specialist.

Jay Zhang

Co-founder of ICOGP - experienced investor in blockchain projects, and has successfully incubated several blockchain/crypto projects in China.







Introducing STX.SWISS  —  Decentralized Security Token Exchange 

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"Gardener" - The New Ethereum Oracle

If smart contracts and blockchain technology are going to disrupt anything, they need a way to speak to the outside world. Also known as the blockchain oracle problem, blockchains can’t gather off-chain data without help. [...]


CloseCross Launches Live on Testnet!

CloseCross is live on testnet — try it out! CloseCross is the world’s first truly decentralised derivatives platform driving democratic participation. By introducing simple 3-click-trading, eliminating unquantified risks, and making trading 90% cheaper, CloseCross gives everyone the opportunity [...]

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